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  • Teaching Associate Professor
  • Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies

Research Areas

Computer Science Education
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Curricular and pedagogic issues in the teaching of computer science, as well as related issues such as recruitment and retention of under-represented groups in the discipline. | More »

Knowledge Representation, Computational Linguistics, and Cognitive Science
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Knowledge Representation is a subarea of Artificial Intelligence concerned with understanding, designing, and implementing ways of representing and using information in computers to support human-level cognitive behavior. KR research at UB focusses on logic-based approaches that underlie natural-language use, reasoning, and rational acting. Computational Linguistics research in the department extends to investigations of computational approaches to general natural language processing, including understanding and generation. Departmental researchers are active participants in UB's Center for Cognitive Science, the interdisciplinary study of mind. | More »

Research Labs and Groups



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