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  • SUNY Distinguished Professor
  • Department Chair 2009-2015

Research Areas

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Theoretical and practical issues arising in modern data management, such as data integration, inconsistency resolution, queries with preferences, web services, and query processing and optimization. | More »

Multimedia Databases and Information Retrieval
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Infrastructure for supporting large-scale, distributed multimedia libraries; efficient indexing, transmission, and networking. Intelligent multimedia content analysis and retrieval techniques. | More »

Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, and Data Mining
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Methods and algorithms for putting data objects into categories. Methods of programming in which the machine is programmed to learn from an incomplete set of examples. | More »

Research Centers

Buffalo Center for Biomedical Computing (BCBC)

image of BCBCThe Center has organized a multi-disciplinary program team to address fundamental research issues in biocomputing while contributing to mid-to long-term research, development, and experimental deployment challenges of analyzing genomic data for diseases and treatment effects. The overall theme of the center is "Advanced Data Mining Algorithms for Applications in Genomics." We will provide the expertise and infrastructure that will merge the research activities of computational and biomedical scientists. The focus of the proposed research is the study of common diseases, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and coronary artery disease in which the underlying causes are multi-factorial. In this new paradigm, we will use advanced computational techniques and approaches to convert raw genomic data into knowledge that will advance the understanding of these common diseases and potentially identify new modalities of treatment. | More »

Research Labs and Groups


Technical Reports

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Zhang, Aidong; Nodine, Marian; Bhargava, Bharat. Ensuring Semi-Atomicity in Heterogeneous Distributed Database Systems, February 4, 1995.
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