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    Email: jinhui@buffalo.edu
    Personal Page: http://www.cse.buffalo.edu/~jinhui


  • Associate Department Chair
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Research Areas

Medical Applications and Bioinformatics
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Novel algorithms and techniques for automatic (or semi-automatic) analysis of biomedical images, medical evaluation, computer assisted surgery and diagnosis, and treatment planning. Algorithms and architectures for genomics, proteomics, and microarray analysis. | More »

Theory and Algorithms
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Methods and techniques for developing efficient algorithms, especially graph algorithms, parallel algorithms and architectures, graph drawing, computational geometry, and group testing algorithms. Obstacles to proving non-trivial lower bounds in complexity theory. Properties of complexity classes, with relationships between classes and with identification of properties of problems that affect their computational complexity. | More »


  • UB grad Noel wins X-ray/medical imaging award

    UB graduate Peter Noel, now an assistant professor at the Institute for Radiology, Technical University at Munchen, Germany, was recently awarded the prestigious Behnken-Berger-Award (2nd place).

    Dr. Noel, who earned his Ph.D in 2009, was supervised by CSE Associate Professor Jinhui Xu.

    This award was generated in 2000 for young researchers in the field of X-ray/medical imaging and awards 3 young researchers annually in all of Germany. Peter wins this award (to a large degree) due to his work at UB on designing new algorithms for reconstructing 3D CT images rom limited views and multi-view angiography. Ken Hoffmann was his co-advisor and Jason Corso was his dissertation committee member. Both of them had supervised him and contributed to success. (November 19, 2010)

  • Xu wins $414K NSF Cell Nucleus Algorithms award
    CSE Associate Professor Jinhui Xu to receive $414K NSF award for research on algorithms for determining the organization and dynamics of the cell nucleus. (August 1, 2007)
  • Xu wins $407K NSF CAREER Award
    CSE Associate Professor Dr. Jinhui Xu receives $407K CAREER Award from NSF for research in Computational Geometry and applications in Cardiovascular Treatment. (November 6, 2005)

Technical Reports

Jadliwala, Murtuza; Duan, Qi; Upadhyaya, Shambhu; Xu, Jinhui. On the Hardness of Eliminating Cheating Behavior in Time Synchronization Protocols for Sensor Networks, April 23, 2008.
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