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Research Areas

Augmentative Technology for the Handicapped
image of augmented

Using computing technology to improve the quality of life of the disabled. Among the research projects and products under development are natural-voice talkers for the speech impaired, single-switch Internet surfing for quadriplegics, robotic wheelchairs, sensory systems to teach cause-and-effect to severely delayed children, tablet PCs that translate the uncharacteristic handwriting of people with spastic cerebral palsy (in conjunction with Microsoft Corp.), and a means to extend special-education class work to home-bound and hospital-bound children, among many other ideas. | More »

Research Centers

Center for Socially Relevant Computing (CSRC)

image of CSRCThe mission of the Center is to manifest the social relevance of computing by promoting its various aspects such as programming, hardware/software integration, system design, and making the community aware about the technology that can enrich their lives. | More »

Research Labs and Groups


  • CSE researchers "Computing for a Cause"

    Two teams of CSE researchers are proving that programming can translate into compassion.

    A team of students including Austin Miller, Robert Rodenhaus, Leonard Story Jr. and Matthew Taylor developed a software program known as OmniSwitch, a program that enables quadriplegics and other people with limited mobility to type letters, surf the web, listen to music and play computer games with a single button or switch.

    A second team of CSE master's students including Ari Fogel and Praneeta Prakash is working with Buffalo-based Applied Sciences Group (ASG) to develop a speech-generating software system that will enable nonverbal veterans to communicate with each other and caregivers; e-mail; text message; call friends via Skype; and complete tasks such as controlling the lights or TV via their computer.

    Both teams worked under the aegis of the Center for Socially Relevant Computing (CSRC), co-founded by CSE teaching assistant professors Michael F. Buckley and Kris Schindler. An interview with Buckley about how students design technologies to solve real-world problems can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zNLzarzxWc.

    For a full article, check out: http://www.buffalo.edu/news/12118

    (January 5, 2011)
  • Buckley, Schindler profiled on Buffalo CBS affiliate
    Mike Buckley and Kris Schindler's UB Talker profiled on Buffalo CBS affiliate, WIVB Channel 4. (February 3, 2009)



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