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  • Assistant Professor

Research Areas

Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
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Networking architectures, protocols, network control and management issues, and performance evaluation. Convergence of computer communications and telecommunications in WDM optical networks, mobile/wireless networks, the Internet, and other technologies like ATM and parallel and distributed processing. Peer-to-peer alternatives to traditional client-server models, ubiquitous computing with location-based services at the application-program level, mining for patterns in wireless and web, performance analysis of component models in application servers, and adaptive interfaces for collaborative systems. | More »

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Theoretical and practical issues arising in modern data management, such as data integration, inconsistency resolution, queries with preferences, web services, and query processing and optimization. | More »

Programming Languages and Software Systems
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Languages that support high-level, declarative, and visual modeling of complex systems. Object-oriented modeling, constraint-based design, interactive program visualization, and domain-specific languages for applications in engineering and organizational modeling. | More »

Research Labs and Groups


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